Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wellness services for the Newark, Dresden, and Zanesville Ohio areas.

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Women’s Health

“I have been plagued with bowel and bladder incontinence of a severity that pretty much controlled my life-style. After going though almost the whole regimen of treatment at Rehabilitative Associates, I have markedly improved to the point that by using common sense, I am able to come up and go at MY convenience, not at the dictates of toileting needs. This facility is staffed by an empathetic, knowledgeable group of people, who seem to work flawlessly together for the welfare and convenience of their patients. I feel blessed to have been referred there.”

—Edith Moyer

“Physical therapy alone was not enough in targeting the deepest of muscles that triggered my locked up and weak muscles. This caused a host of other inconveniences as a result. Once these muscles were addressed by the therapist (Women’s Health) the foundation for my recovery began to progress. I dramatically improved physically, mentally, and emotionally from the onset of starting the Women’s Health physical therapy. I would highly recommend and am very grateful for Rehab Associates Women’s Health therapy.”

—Catherine Byrd

“The therapists were very pleasant to work with. They explained everything and answered all my questions. They encourage you through the entire treatment. They make you fell comfortable and at ease with them. I could not be more pleased with my treatment or with the therapists. Thanks!”


“My therapists could not have been better. They were excellent. I appreciated the gentleness, professionalism, explanations of every step before they did it, encouragement, and reassurance. I am very grateful for the treatments and exercises. My discomfort and pain has greatly decreased, and I know that by exercising faithfully for the rest of my life, I might be able to further decrease discomfort and maybe eliminate it. I appreciate the fact that I can call the therapists in the future if I have a question. I would definitely recommend Rehab Associates to anyone.”


“My therapist was always very helpful, understanding, and compassionate. She was willing to listen to my concerns and questions. Her answers and explanations were always clear. I felt very comfortable with her—describing any problem, progress, and concerns. The reassurance was very helpful in a difficult time. I am very satisfied with my progress so far.”


“My therapists were knowledgeable and extremely professional. I felt they truly cared about me as a person and wanted to help my condition improve.”



“They do a really great job on helping their patients. They also go out of their way to help you in every way they can. They are very caring people.”

—Marie A. Cole

“My experience at therapy was that I came here with just a little strength and could not walk. Now I have a lot of walking distance and strength back. I would recommend Rehab Associates to anyone who needs help with anything, and the people here are top gun!”

—Keith Anthony Williams

“This is an absolute plus, both physically and mentally”


“I cannot begin to put into words how much working with my physical therapist has meant to me. Having been laid up for quite awhile and be given hope back,along with the courage and the confidence to try, then having such positive results is fantastic.”

—Carole J. Kessinger

“It is a pleasure to meet people like this. She is sensitive and dedicated to her job. I looked forward to my visits two times a week. I wish you the best. Keep up the good work.”

—Jim Moore

“My therapist was great! If every office had someone like her, it would be great! She was always pleasant to be with and very helpful with questions I had.”


“"I am a patient at Rehab Associates. They were recommended to me by my family physician after balance issues and a serious fall. I am so pleased! I have had excellent physical therapists and assistants. My progress has been steady. I would highly recommend their services. They are also a great bunch of people who make you feel welcome and show compassion in the care of their patients."”

—Charlotte Frazier


“I have seen much improvement in my son's abilities over the years. His therapists are very caring and willing to try new and innovative ways to help him reach his goals.”

—Susie M. Ryan

“My therapist was so positive and such a supportive system for myself and my son. She was up front, but always positive and encouraging. She was a support when the specialist was pessimistic. She was kind and gentle with my son and she is an empathetic person. For me, she was an angel from above. I thank her so much for all of her help and support. She is wonderful! Thank you!”


Home Health

“The world would be a better place if all companies had employees like my therapist. She made the process of therapy a challenge. She certainly challenged my ego to push myself to do my exercises beyond what was expected of me. she certainly uses whatever she needs to push her clients. Whatever mobility I now have, I owe her. She will give you hurt but no pain, along with sympathy and a great deal of understanding. I would recommend her to anyone I know and would also ask for her for myself in the future if I should need her services.”


“My therapist is so motivated both for herself and her patients in terms of achievement. I was very impressed with her.”


“My therapist was wonderful. She seemed very interested in my safety, improvement, and well-being, yet pushed me to reach my goals. She is very personable and professional.”


“Thank-you for the care, treatment, and education about my injury to help me not only now but in the future.”


“It was a good experience. I especially appreciate not having to wait as time is valuable to me with a hectic work and family schedule.”


“The therapist designed a realistic exercise program geared to Dad's overall ability. She was excellent to explain all exercises and adjust to Dad's abilities. She is very sweet, responsible, and treated Dad so well. We are very impressed with her.”



“The VTFD (Violet Township Fire Department) wished to thank you and your outstanding staff at Rehab Associates for allowing us to interrupt their routine (3 times) so that the duty crews could tour your business. Without your assistance, we would not be able to have this important part of our training program. Your staff was very receptive and answered any and all questions in a very professional manner. Several were also very observant as the crews toured. Again a big thanks to you and your staff. P.S. Several fire personnel have enjoyed the therapy!!”

—Jim Holcomb and UTFD Duty Crews