Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wellness services for the Newark, Dresden, and Zanesville Ohio areas.

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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy involves restoring function and preventing disability following disease, injury, or loss of a body part. When your physician orders Physical Therapy for you, the Rehab Associates therapist will complete a thorough evaluation and establish a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. The Physical therapist will work with you to establish goals that are achievable and meaningful. The treatment plan is designed to restore function, relieve pain, promote healing and if necessary teach adaptation to permanent disability.

There is no one size fits all solution in Physical Therapy. Our services are uniquely different to meet each of our patients needs individually.

We recognize that living with pain on a daily basis can be debilitating. Your Rehab Associates therapist will work with you to devise a program to control pain and assist you to complete normal daily activities. Depending on your diagnosis, other therapeutic activities may be focused toward improvement of mobility including walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, etc. You and your therapist will concentrate on improving your strength and range of motion through the use of an individualized exercise program.

The Rehab Associates Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant is well qualified to assist your Physical Therapist in the administration of your Physical Therapy treatment. In cooperation with the Physical Therapist, the Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant will educate you and your family concerning those activities which will allow you to return to your normal daily living.

It takes a team effort to produce a positive result in your Physical Therapy treatment. Communication between team members is necessary to ensure that all problems are addressed and resolved during the course of treatment. YOU, the Physical Therapist, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and your physician all play vital roles in restoring your health. As a vital team member, you will be given a home program encouraging you to work toward your goals between treatments. At Rehab Associates the therapist and the assistant remain in contact with each other, your physician, and you to promote the most complete recovery possible.

Physical Therapy services are provided in a variety of settings from the hospital to the patient’s home. Rehab Associates therapists see patients in our outpatient clinic locations, schools, sheltered workshops, skilled nursing facilities and even in their homes. This allows us to provide care in the most effective location for you.

Rehab Associates Physical Therapy staff accepts responsibility to provide quality care for the community we serve. Feel free to call us if you have questions about Physical Therapy. We will be happy to discuss any concerns and provide further information.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy involves evaluation and treatment of persons whose ability to function independently has been impaired by normal aging, illness, injury or developmental disability. Rehab Associates provides Occupational Therapy services in a variety of settings including our outpatient clinic locations, school systems, sheltered workshops, skilled nursing facilities and patient homes.

We all take for granted our ability to perform simple day-to-day activities such as tying a shoe, buttoning a shirt, or taking a bath. When these daily tasks become major hurdles, your Rehab Associates Occupational Therapist will provide an individualized program of activities to assist you with your return to a more independent, productive and satisfying lifestyle. Your goals and daily living needs are evaluated and become the basis of your personal treatment program. Treatment may involve your adaptation to the environment as well as the adaptation of the environment to you. We will help enable you to achieve maximum independence and enrich your quality of life.

The Rehab Associates Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant provides hands on care and is responsible for the ongoing implementation of the treatment program established by your therapist. Through education in the use of adaptive equipment and changes to your existing environment to increase independence, you, your family and Occupational Therapy staff work as a team to achieve your treatment goals. The Occupational Therapy staff at Rehab Associates is dedicated to your return to a confident, self-sufficient lifestyle.

The Rehab Associates Occupational Therapist and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant are a part of your health care team. Your input is important so that we may help you coordinate the best treatment plan possible. We encourage you to discuss any problems or concerns regarding your care with the Occupational Therapy staff.

Rehab Associates Occupational Therapy staff is committed to providing quality care for all individuals that we serve. Our staff will be pleased to answer questions or provide additional information regarding Occupational Therapy and its services.